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Lemon Pepper Pork

Who is the Diving Monk

Rewind back to 2010 and John found himself like so many.  Completely engulfed in a job he didn't like, and a life he was losing passion for.

In taking his first trip to Peru and making his way along the coast, John noticed this Peruvian guy performing an amazing feat daily in remembrance of an old legend for whatever donations passers-by wanted to give.  The story told of standing on the edge of the abyss, with only the unknown beneath, ready to plunge for love.  Much like entrepreneurship.

John had a professional video shot, and this became the theme of his new venture.  Fast forward a few years and John had the opportunity to take over a small restaurant in Irving, TX.  Wing Town.  As John built relationships with his customers, he was passionate about giving them whatever they wanted in flavor.  Unlike the competition, all of his recipes were made from scratch, a perk of having obtained a degree in Culinary Arts before joining the Army in 1998.  That is when Diving Monk Lemon Pepper sauce took off.

Customers loved his Lemon Pepper and wanted to take it home to use on their own recipes.  That's when John started bottling.

Where can you find the Diving Monk?

Meet the Team

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John Sawyer

Founder & CEO

Dallas Resident & Business Owner since 2009

Service Disabled Army Veteran with a degree in Culinary Arts and 15+ years of Entrepreneurship, Small Business Ownership, and fortune 500 Senior Leadership

Charlie Bleigh

Managing Partner

Born & Raised in Dallas, TX

Bachelors in Corporate Communications from Texas Tech & 15+ years experience in Distribution, Logistics, and Marketing throughout Texas CPG industry